Sunday, July 24, 2011

Unexpected Blessings in the Air

“Make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you”

Matthew 28:19-20

I travel often for business, flying to various cities across the US.  Understandably, many of my friends find this cool, and I understand why, but it's far from glamorous. The trips are packed full of business meetings, events and little sleep.  Though God goes on the trips with me, as I get older, it breaks my heart to be away from my family, friends, those I love, my home and my church.  And of course the logistics of travel - late flights, hotel rooms not ready, taxi drivers who get lost, etc. - can add to the stress as well.

This is why I make sure even when I disrupt my home routine by traveling that I pray, talk to God, read my Bible (thank you Kindle for Android!) and look for opportunities to do his work.  Frequently, unexpected blessings come my way.

One of which is something I discovered flying Alaska Airlines.  Now this is not meant to be a commercial at all, but compared to most other airlines, I find Alaska's service to be quite good and their flights to be comfortable.  

But there is something else.

The first time I flew on Alaska, and the flight attendant served me my meal, I found something on the tray that shocked me - a small slip, about the size of a business card, with a nature shot AND A LINE OF SCRIPTURE FROM THE BIBLE!

I could not believe it but it was truly a blessing.  And every time now that I fly Alaska I look forward to those little pieces of paper with God's will and the opportunity to share them with others.

Upon the recommendation of a Christian friend, I sent the following note to the airline:

I have flown Alaska on a few business flights so far this year. I am always impressed by your service. However I am quite grateful that you place small scripture cards with your meals.

As one who seeks to follow Him and be close to the word, I appreciate this gesture by your organization. Sometimes flying can be stressful; your cards are a blessing - and I have shared them with others once I'm back on the ground.

God bless,
Michael Higby

In a time of political correctness and attacks on our faith from many quarters, what a blessing indeed it is to see an organization like this share the word with others.  Amen.